Not only people, but also information has become extremely mobile. It is now available any time any place to those who are interested. Information exchanges are taking place in all sectors of life and multimedia appliances are playing an ever increasing roll. Flat-screen monitors have therefore become almost obligatory in waiting rooms, reception halls, hotel lobbies as well as in conference and class rooms.


However, a fl at-screen LCD or plasma TV simply hanging on a wall tends to lack elegance, in particular when the many cables used to connect to other appliances are visible. The solutions currently adopted to conceal these cables do not normally render the installation more attractive.


Using CINEWALL®-Objekt, the innovative TV panel from HDM, installation of a fl at-screen TV on a wall becomes easy, versatile and highly decorative. The installation set-up offers a well-organised and appropriate interconnection with various other appliances and includes ideal cable concealment. The Deco elements provided with CINEWALL®-Objekt simply slide sideways if modifi cations are required (addition or replacement of appliances). The sideways end elements may be removed and then screwed back on at any time.

Simple - versatile - my entertainment