This new collection offers a truly worthy setting for all appropriate fl at-screen monitors. Inspiration and ideas were this time taken from the splendours of nature and art. So what could come of such an inspiration if not a rich, impressive, elegant and exclusive collection.

The decorative variants inspired by nature are refl ected in the stone, leather and wood product lines composed of numerous shades and tones. In particular the compact surfaces of CINEWALL®-Objekt give a genuine impression of warmth and quality. For art and artistic impression enthusiasts, a wide range of synthetic leather, glass and varnished surfaces is on offer. When used in association with the modern design of a fl at-screen TV, extremely rich aesthetic effects may be achieved.

However, the numerous collections in the CINEWALL®-Objekt product line comprise far more: noble single-tone, ornamental, glamour and glitter effect, splendid colours, Safari-Look, leather relief in crocodile, snake or ostrich skin effect, timber grain, structures, gold and silver, steel, mottled, shine and metallic effects.

To make the choice easier, please note that the Deco elements may be quickly and easily replaced, a considerable plus point in a visually oriented sector.

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