Modern flat television screens do not only look classy, they also offer an exquisite quality due to their technical sophistication. They signify high standards and extravagance. This extravagant effect is lost when the required cables are jutting out from behind or around the television screens leaving an unfi nished shabby impression. Cinewall® measures approximately 1.92 x 1.92 m and is the wall on a wall which will blend into your rooms splendidly. The system can integrate fl at screens safely onto your walls in a simple, decorative, constructive and versatile manner. The construction of Cinewall® enables made to measure solutions with adjustable height and width according to your requirements. Above all Cinewall® is the ideal solution for the professional installation of all your electronic equipment with perfect concealed cable channelling. The installation of Cinewall® can be easily completed and gives you the freedom to channel the wiring needed as you wish. The Cinewall® system allows single panels to be dismantled and reinstalled to change, add or remove equipment and their cabling easily.

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